With specialist knowledge, we are able to provide you guidance under the Construction Industry Scheme. We recognize the complexities tied to meeting the requirements under the CIS, and therefore we take on the burden of ensuring that your income and expenses are accurately and correctly recorded. We also ensure that you are submitting tax returns to HMRC well ahead of any deadlines to avoid late penalties and interest. 

Working for your company's future

The services we provide: 

• Assistance in registration of contractor/subcontractor to CIS Scheme 

• Prepare CIS returns every month as per the requirement of HMRC 

• Submit accounts and tax returns to HMRC 

• Assistance in reclaiming tax refunds where applicable 

At FSL, we work to remove the burden off your shoulders. We provide professional CIS accounting services also, including bookkeeping, corporation tax, payroll, VAT returns, tax returns and accounts production to our clients. 

For a free consultation, please contact us by either email or call. 

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