Company Annual Accounts

At FSL Accountancy, we simplify complex accounting with innovative and bespoke solutions. Trust us to deliver your year-end accounts on time, every time, with our dedicated and professional approach.

We will:

  • Utilise available allowances, reliefs and exemptions.
  • Review business performance against previous years and targets.
  • Advise on timing of capital purchases and business expenses.
  • Discuss business goals for the upcoming year and address any issues.
  • Optimise director tax liabilities through salary, dividend, and pension contributions.



What are Company Annual Accounts?

“Company Annual Accounts,” also known as “Statutory Accounts”, “Annual Accounts” or “Year-end Accounts,” are mandatory for all UK limited companies.

Directors of limited companies are required to submit annual accounts and the corporation tax return to Companies House and HMRC within nine months of the end of their financial year. This process is complex and requires professional expertise and specialist systems, which are typically found within recognised accounting firms.

Accuracy is crucial when submitting accounts, as knowingly submitting inaccurate information can result in penalties, affect your corporation tax payments, and impact your business’s reputation with banks, investors, and external parties.

Filing inaccurate information or missing the deadline for annual accounts can result in fines for your business. At our accounting firm, we have the expertise to ensure your accounts and tax returns are accurately prepared and submitted on time to avoid any penalties.

What does Company Annual Accounts include?

Company Annual Accounts typically include the following:

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Notes about the accounts
  • Director’s report
  • Accountant or auditor’s report

Working for your company's future

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